Diamond-X Camo

Aloha and Welcome to Diamond-X Camo, Diamond-X Camo is a small family business based in Hawaii Diamond-X Camo is a brand that is dedicated to bring a pattern that will help to conceal hunters and blend into their surroundings in the elements wherever they hunt. Diamond-X Camo is dedicated to help hunter catch the trophies of the lifetime or bring home meat for the family. Here at Diamond-X Camo we know that not all hunts all sitting in a blind, stand more often we are on the move stalking our prey, so our team has designed a pattern that allows full flexibility of movement through various areas and terrains. We use various depth of colors, shades and highlights that are found in the wild, our tiger similarity pattern breaks up the pattern and adds depth to the browns and highlights just like the shadows in the wild. We took two predators, the lion and tiger and mixed the two browns from the lion to blend seamlessly in various terrains and the tiger stripes to add depth and break up the silhouette. Also added some highlight grays and green to blend into brush. Unlike “Stick and Leaves” Camo Diamond-X Camo was tailored and built to be concealed in various terrains.


Thank you for choosing Diamond-X Camo, we appreciate your support!