About Us

Aloha and Welcome to Diamond-X Camo. We are a small company based on the Big Island of Hawai’i USA. We offer several Hunting apparel and accessories across the region.


We know that hunting in rugged terrain and in many different areas for many different species of animals and hunting is the passion of most people. For us, the outdoor means creating undying memories with your loved ones or social circle. This belief drives our mission to make available a great number of choices in Hunting apparel and accessories that must be the best fit for your adventure.


At Diamond-X Camo, you will find a lot of options in hunting apparel and accessories. This means we will offer a variety of clothing for every hunt from the midwest all the way up to the rockies, from the extreme heat to the extreme cold Diamond-X Camo will have what you need to keep you warm or cool no matter what we got your back. All of our Camo Apparel ar customer-oriented to ensure you the customer is taken care of and not so much on making a quick buck, In return this helps us provide the core values to take your hunts to new heights and make your hunting experiences better than ever.


Diamond-X camo is the perfect place to get great apparel with good quality and everything is made with ALOHA! Something most companies Lack in. In a nutshell Diamond-X Camo brings the magnifier effect to customer satisfaction and experience by putting the customers first and providing value to the customers.